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Pictures Of Houses With Metal Roofs

Pictures Of Houses With Metal Roofs – According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the popularity of metal roof products has increased dramatically over the past decade, a clear sign that homeowners and builders are growing more and more aware of the benefits of this roofing. In fact, during the last 20 years, a whole new genre of… Read More »

Lyon Metal Roofing

Lyon Metal Roofing – Lyon Metal Roofing began manufacturing and distributing metal roofing, metal siding, metal buildings and accessory products in 2000. Prior to entering the manufacturing segment of the business was involved in commercial and residential roof contracting services. Having been associated with both residential and commercial metal roofing for almost 30 years our dependable staff understands… Read More »

Metal Roof Leaks

Metal Roof Leaks – Corrugated metal roofs are vulnerable to excessive moisture and damage from strong winds. The individual panels are attached to wood or metal trusses with steel nails or screws that can rust and cause leaks. Strong winds can separate the overlapping edges of the panels and allow the roof to leak. Fixing leaks in a… Read More »