20X20 Metal Carport

20X20 Metal Carport

20X20 Metal Carport – You should consider purchasing additional leg height for more clearance. Also consider the addition of gable ends to your carport, especially if you are placing the carport near your home. It makes the carport stronger & it has a nicer curb appeal. You can also add extra bracing, close one end and/or the sides to the ground, & more below while ordering. Choose from 14 colors for the roof & trim. We can also build custom configurations according to your needs & specifications, including specific widths & lengths.

We can install this Regular Style Metal Carport on your level ground or existing concrete slab. Certified up to 140 MPH Wind Speed & 35 PSF Snow Load with the Standard 14 Gauge Steel Frame. We offer up to 65 PSF Snow Load Certification in any state we service for an additional charge if needed.

20X20 Metal Carport

Pre-engineered pre-cut frame components with patented slip-fit connections for faster do-it-yourself assembly
Premium heavy-duty 2-in x 3-in triple-coated galvanized structural-steel tube frame
4.5-ft on-center frame spacing with 18-ft frame length and 20-ft roof coverage
Engineered for a ground snow load of 20 PSF and wind load of 115 MPH when properly assembled and anchored
Standard white, 29-gauge sheet-metal roof panels
Can be installed on ground, concrete slab/footings/piers, or any level surface (per anchoring instructions)
Package includes frame system with self-drilling screws, sheet-metal panels and screws, white vinyl trim, butyl caulk tape, ground anchors, and assembly instructions
Ships in 21 days or less from receipt of order
Carport kit packaged and delivered on pallet(s) via LTL freight carrier

Upon ordering the carport at Alan’s Factory Outlet a 10% to 16% deposit is due with either credit card or you can mail a check for the deposit with balance due once the steel carport is delivered and installed and final payment can be given via credit card or check for the remaining balance. Once you order you will be contacted and copy of the order will be emailed to you for you to review and approve to make sure everything is just like you want it.

We anchor the carport to the ground or asphalt for free with rebar and to the cement for free with concrete anchor bolts. The location for the carport must be level or within at least 3″ level or less or we will not be able to install it. If it is anchored to the ground you can upgrade with mobile home anchors.

The carports come uncertified, however some locations may require blue print drawings if you go with the certified carports for an additional charge they come with blue print drawings which are rated for 140 mph wind rating a 30 psf snow load. If you make it certified it the blue print drawings will usually be emailed to you upon your request within approximately 3 to 4 business days.

The metal tubing on the steel carports come with 14 ga tubing which is 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ square tubing or you can upgrade to the 12 ga tubing which comes 2 1/4″ by 2 1/4″ tubing which has a 20 year rust through warranty.

The carports are custom built in the size, style and with the options you want. You get to choose between 13 different colors for the roof and trim colors. And if you close the sides or ends you also get to pick which color you want it to be.


20X20 Metal Carports

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