60X100 Metal Building

60X100 Metal Building

60X100 Metal Building – This 60×100 steel building is one of our most versatile sizes. It’s large enough to accommodate warehousing space, a church sanctuary or even a strip-mall.

Starting with the base building package, you can add a unique entry and windows to create a church building, glass storefront doors for a retail space or leave it as is if you’re looking for an efficient storage space.

The 60×100 metal building in this package comes standard with 16′ legs and 3 14×14 white garage doors. Additional garage doors, walk in doors and windows are available.

The prefabricated 60×100 metal garage building provides 6000 square feet for all your commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial, warehouse, workshop and storage needs.

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Please keep in mind due to the large size of this metal building there is a 2% freight charge added to the pretax price of this building.

This additional fee is not included on the price shown and will be added to the cost of the metal building once we email you the order for you to review, approve and sign.

Does a 60×100 foot metal structure, which provides 6,000 square feet of space to work or play, seem too big for a family to use? You might be surprised.

As the North Fulton area and surrounding suburbs of Atlanta continue to grow in size and wealth, families are increasingly installing these structures to house vehicles, boats, household items and even living areas.

When your family and “stuff” begin to outgrow your home, you have two choices: Become a hoarder or expand your space. Our 60×100 foot metal building kits are clearly the better, some say only, choice.

The same rules apply to businesses. Georgia’s economy could be described as ‘booming” right now, with new businesses popping up everywhere and established ones expanding and growing exponentially.

Your customers expect a lot of your business and having employees crammed in corners working off laptops in cramped office chairs doesn’t paint a picture that says success.

Running out of room is like death, taxes and computer crashes. It is going to happen, the only question is when. The professionals at Arco Building Systems are here to help.

By being a leader in the pre-fabricated steel building business, Arco is able to off the limited time special of a 60×100 metal building kits for $23, 933 this month.


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