Diy Metal Carport

Diy Metal Carport

Diy Metal Carport – Depending on its size, a carport can provide you with enough space to store your car, truck, RV, or even a boat. Some people buy a carport and turn it into an outdoor exercise area or a place to set up a table and gather with friends.

Others make their carport into a place where they can sit and enjoy the outdoors while still under cover. We have many attractive, sturdy carports in our inventory at Alan’s Factory Outlet.

We provide free delivery to many states, and our capable installers will set up your carport for you. But what if you prefer to assemble your new carport on your own? If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can still enjoy ownership of a quality carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

Working on Your DIY Skills

For some people, purchasing a carport from us means they get a chance to add to their DIY skills. When you place your order, let us know if you prefer to assemble your carport yourself.

Of course, our expert installers would rather take the steel carport plans and assemble the structure for you upon delivery to your address. However, we understand the excitement of a fresh DIY project.

If you go with the DIY option, we’ll deliver the carport as well as the carport blueprints to you so you have what you need to get started. If you choose to assemble your own carport, it will not be covered under our 30-day warranty on craftsmanship, but you will receive a 5% discount on your purchase. Please keep in mind there are no step by step instructions available on the carport kits.

A Satisfying Project

Another reason why some customers choose to take the steel carport plans and do the work themselves is that they want to experience the satisfaction of a job well done.

They want to be able to look out their window at home and say, “I built that carport.” This is a feeling that everyone in our business truly understands, so we won’t be offended if you want to build your carport yourself.

Involving Family and Friends in the Construction

Some of the DIYers who order our carports like to work with family and friends in the construction process. Family members may help with creating the concrete pad or level gravel foundation for the carport, or they may participate in the actual building of the structure. Younger children can look at the DIY steel carport plans to learn what it takes to build the structure. For some of our customers, building a carport is a family affair!

Getting the Confidence to Take on the Next Project

Following the carport blueprints and completing the project gives many DIYers the confidence to move on to the next challenge. They’ve seen what they are capable of accomplishing and start thinking about another project that will benefit their family. Our organized, clear steel carport plans contribute to a successful project.

Sure, you could probably build some sort of a structure with the help of a few friends, but there are plenty of reasons to step back and let our experienced, professional installers do it for you instead!


Most people begin do-it-yourself projects with the notion that they will be saving themselves money in the long run. Time after time, weekend warriors head out to their local hardware store to stock up on tools and materials they think will get them through their projects, but head back home to find that they are not as prepared as they believed.

More often than not, it is more expensive to attempt a project by yourself, find that it is too much work or you are not quite prepared, and then hire a professional to complete the project. Carports, garages and other steel buildings are no exception. All Elephant Structures’ products come with FREE delivery and free installation, meaning there is no money-related hurdle between you and a professionally installed metal structure!


Your time is valuable. You work all week, you deserve time to relax! As much as you might enjoy doing home improvement projects, there are some projects that you can feel good about leaving to the professionals.

Our installers work in well synchronized teams daily, installing buildings very similar to yours. They are efficient and effective, carrying out the installation quickly, but without rushing through their work. Having our installers complete the project for you allows you the opportunity to do other things and still feel great about the work being done to build your structure.

Building Code Compliance

Often, customers are not aware that many counties require a permit to build, even for things like carport kits and small sheds. Our staff is fully versed on what it takes to meet county building requirements and can help walk you through the process.

We can provide you with engineered drawings for your permit, and ensure that your certified carport, metal garage or other structure has the correct wind and snow load ratings and other specifications needed to stand up to all required building codes.

Elephant Structures wants to make it easy on you to get the affordable, quality metal building that you purchased. We are willing to work with you closely to ensure work is done to your specifications.

With this building process tailored to you and your needs, there is no need to go out of your way to pick up your own materials and do it yourself! Trust the professionals at Elephant Structures to take care of your order in an efficient and timely manner. All that’s left to you is to enjoy and make use of your beautiful new structure!


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