How to Build a Metal Building Home

How to Build a Metal Building Home

Once you are done with permits and licenses, and already have your prefab home delivered, it is time to build. Here is what you need to know about metal home constructions.

Preparing Site for Metal Home

Metal home is easier to build because it does not leave too many unused or wasted materials. However, the first step is the same with making traditional house: clearing the area until you get the level surface for the construction.

Depending on the land condition, you may need to conduct grading process.

Grading means creating slope around the planned house site so that water will flow to the correct directions. This process prevents water stagnation around the property, which can be breeding ground for insects.

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If you plan to have a basement, improper grading can cause a leak in the room. Your property can also be weakened by moisture without grading.

You must also consider the type of foundation under your metal home. There are several common types used for metal building: slab, raised, raised concrete filing, and basement.

A slab is the cheapest, but raised type or basement will add to your property investment value. Plus, raised type or vault helps you reaching home system easier.

You must think about the essential factors of having a house. Water and electricity must be on your mind before working on a site for a metal house.

If you do not have a connection to the nearest water and power lines, you must provide your own link and water source (drilling well), which will increase the cost.

Finally, you must also plan the plumbing lines and system, even before the metal home kits arrive. Consider where the plumbing lines will be in the house, and how you will run washing machine, bathtub, shower, sink, and closet.

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Metal Building Home Kits and Equipment

When ordering a metal home kit, the package will arrive in parts, such as rigid frames, rafter beams, end-wall columns, tapered columns, end-wall rafters, eave strut, girt, and much more.

Even if you do not know anything about metal home construction (and trusting it to professionals), it does not hurt to know about the basics.

Here are things you must know about assembling metal building home kits:

Proper equipment and tool

Prepare cordless drill, wrenches with different sizes, level, ladders, large screwdriver, and spud wrench. For more substantial equipment, you may need to prepare scissor lift for the heavy lifting. If you have extra budget, you can make forklift or pallet jack.

Frame connecting method

Metal home frames are assembled using bolts. The same method is also used when connecting the house to its foundation. Accurate measurement is essential to make sure that the structure fits its foundation well.

Roof assembly

Standard method to attach roof panels on top of metal home is using stainless steel fastener, self-tapping, and sealing with neoprene washers. You can easily remodel and readjust whenever you need some changes in the house.

Exterior finishing

Assembling the metal panels is done just after the frames are assembled and attached firmly. You can keep the metal exterior as it is, but many people choose to paint it.

If you want more “normal” look for comfort, you can finish it with bricks or other common house materials. This is usually done when building a metal home for private residence or holiday place.

Doors and windows installation

Metal home kits usually do not come with windows and doors, and you need to provide them yourself. However, this also means that you can get creative with them.

You are free to choose short, small, or large doors and windows. Just make sure that they give your home proper light and air circulation.

Floor plan for the metal building is flexible, mainly if your construction does not use anchored beams to support the entire structure.

To create spaces inside the house, you need to think about partition walls. You can use bricks, stone, plywood, wood planks, or any other standard materials for the partitions.

Heating and cooling system

A metal building can get hot or cold easily, especially if you live in an area with extreme climate. You need to install heating and cooling system.

They can be combined as a central system, or separated. Make sure to calculate the budget even before you order the metal home kits.

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Once you prepare all the necessary aspects and build the house with correct methods, your metal home will stand strong in no time.