How to Remove Rust From Metal Furniture Without Damaging It

How to Remove Rust From Metal Furniture Without Damaging It

Keeping your metal furniture free of rust is important, not only because it would virtually make a home look like a rust bucket. Rust is an extremely hard beast to get rid of. It’s even harder to clean, which is why it always seems to pop up at the worst possible moment. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, though.


One of the best ways to remove rust and other stubborn rust stains is to go for outdoor metal furniture cover. Metal garden furniture is typically made of wrought iron and aluminum, both of which are very vulnerable to rust damage. These pieces are also often exposed to rain, sleet, snow and sunlight for long periods of time. And that’s before you even consider the effects that these weather elements have on your patio umbrella, table and chairs. All of this will eventually lead to damage to metal furniture, even if you keep it covered with a protective layer of coatings and paints.

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Gone are the days of simply buying a new set of outdoor metal furniture covers. Your old set will eventually succumb to rusting if you’re not careful. Just like your garden furniture, metal sets made of wrought iron and aluminum are especially susceptible to moisture. If you want to ensure that your garden accessories last a long time, you should go for a good quality protective coatings and cleaners.

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You may choose to purchase rust removers, which come in powder form. Some experts prefer using modern electroscopic rust removal methods as opposed to chemical-based products. Modern electroscopic rust removal methods include high voltage electric shocks and ultraviolet light. The most effective way to get rid of rust stains would be to use abrasive materials that are gentle enough to be used anywhere, and that can be purchased from any local hardware store.


Abrasive cleaners are recommended for all outdoor metal surfaces. This is because they are very powerful. They can remove rust easily, especially if the metal surface has been exposed to moisture for a long period of time. You can start the cleaning process by removing loose dirt or dust from your metal outdoor furniture with a soft cloth. Then moisten the area with water, let it dry and rinse with clear water.


For tough stains, you may want to consult a professional who is knowledgeable about removing rust. You can ask him to recommend some commercial cleaners that are specifically designed for outdoor furniture surfaces. However, you can also learn to make your own household vinegar and apply it on the metal surface using a brush. As with the other household cleaners, you should only use a mild amount of vinegar to prevent any damage to the metal surface.


You can also find many useful suggestions online regarding how to remove rust from metal furniture. Some experts even suggest using soda ash and baking soda mixed together to achieve the same effects as coca-cola. Another option would be to mix lemon juice and club soda, which is known to have strong citrus odor. You may then scrub the rusted surface using a scrubbing sponge, or a soft brush.


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In the case of wooden furniture, you may wish to hire a professional to refinish it. This is more expensive than doing it yourself, but the results can be impressive. The best thing about hiring professionals to refinish metal furniture is that you will get a much better product than you can ever buy on your own. If you still cannot remove rust from your metal furniture using power tools, you may wish to call in an expert who specializes in this kind of work to refinish your metal furniture at a fraction of the cost.

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