Metal Barn Kits

Metal Barn Kits

Metal Barn Kits – From commercial grain storage building complexes to livestock housing buildings to farmers’ repair shops and farm equipment storage buildings, Metal Building Outlet has served the agricultural community worldwide.

We truly value and appreciate our steel building customers and our company growth proves that. Most of our metal building sales come from repeat business and referrals from our satisfied farmer and rancher community.

Metal Building Outlet believes that going the extra mile (or two) results in agricultural buildings that our customers are proud to own and tell their friends about.

Although wood truss pole barn systems are useful under certain circumstances, there is no comparison between them and the quality offered in our rigid steel building designs. Our steel structures offer additional strength, performance, and flexibility for expansion and permanence.

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Our barns are designed for long-lasting durability. Each of our barn designs offers year-long protection against sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail. A durable barn means your storage is protected against theft, vandalism, and other damaging elements.

This is because we only use the highest-quality components, built from the finest steel. Protect your storage and save money on costly repairs and replacements for lost or damaged items.

When our metal barn builders arrive, you’ll gain access to the top steel building supplier in the nation. Affordability, along with custom construction and top-of-the-line components, means you’re taking part in a timeless tradition of steel barn durability and unmatched building excellence.

Convenience and Versatility

Buying one of our steel storage buildings to put on your property means you have easy access to stored items. Also, our prefab metal buildings can fulfill many purposes.

Some of our customers use them to store cars and ATVs, while others purchase them to house gardening tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, or sports equipment. Some people transform their storage building into a workshop where they can take on DIY projects.

Alternatively, they may use it to tackle household repairs such as fixing a wobbly chair or a broken toaster. Our buildings can serve as a machine shop, horse barn, carport cover, garage, boat/RV cover, and more!

Size, Design, and Color Customization

The metal storage buildings at Alan’s Factory Outlet are available in many different sizes and designs. We recommend taking measurements of the area where you plan to put your metal building.

We are happy to help you find a steel storage building that suits the dimensions of your property. Other things to think about include the size of your garage door, walk-in doors, windows, extra braces, 12-gauge tubing, and taller sides. You can choose a color for your metal building from our wide range of options. Our color choices include cream, brown, green, blue, gray, and black. Our color chart shows the complete list of choices.

Choosing a Roof Style

We have three roof styles for our steel garage buildings. Most regular prefab steel buildings have a barn roof, whereas boxed-eave buildings have an A-frame roof.

Other structures have an A-frame roof with vertical paneling that allows the snow to slide off. Vertical paneling is a great option for steel garage buildings and other structures if you live in an area with a high amount of snowfall.

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