Metal Barn Siding Design Ideas

Metal Barn Siding Design Ideas

Metal Barn Siding – People often call us and inquire if we have metal siding. Naturally we do because metal siding is just metal roofing used to clad or cover walls. One thing you should be aware of though is that there are some metal roofing panels that do not work well for siding. But all in all, the same panels used for roofing are used for siding.

So which panels work well for metal siding? You’ will find the different styles that work well for metal siding on this page but as a general rule, any of the exposed fastener panels work the best for siding.

Why use metal roofing on barns?

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for agricultural applications such as barns, sheds and riding arenas because it is easy to install on new or existing buildings, provides a weathertight seal and requires minimal upkeep. You can rest assured that your farm’s assets are protected with a metal roof for years to come.

How long does a metal roof last?

The lifespan of a metal roof can be up to 60+ years. Our metal panels are built with high quality material and are backed by some of the industry’s leading warranties. During hot summers, metal panels can help keep your building cool and energy costs low, while in the winter they shed ice and water to prevent damage.

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Metal Siding Applications

There are many ways in which you can use sheet metal siding to cover walls whether they are interior or exterior. The most popular panel applications are horizontal and vertical. Most exposed fastener panel types are used in both the vertical and horizontal applications. We have even had customers install the panels on a diagonal for an architectural effect.

Corrugated metal siding has a place in residential and commercial design. Take a look at your favorite restaurant next time you are out and you will probably see some corrugated metal.

Advantages of metal siding over other materials:

  • Incredibly pest resistant – woodpeckers hate it.
  • Made from 67% recycled materials and is a 100% renewable resource.
  • Rugged paint finishes guaranteed against fading, chalking or peeling for up to 20 – 50 years.
  • No rotting or twisted boards—easy to install.
  • Seamless, coast-to-coast job site delivery within days after placing your order.
  • Cut to length. Lengths available up to 40′.

Metal siding is the smart exterior finish for your home, barn, shed or storage building. Absolute Steel offers you the widest selection colors in metal siding.

Here at Pole Barns Direct, we know using the right steel roofing and siding is crucial to the life of your post frame building. That’s why we offer only the best metal for your pole barn kit:

  • 40-year warranty
  • 29-guage high tensile steel (26-guage also available)
  • Dent-resistant, weather-tight, minimal expansion/contraction
  • Extremely resistant to mildew, peeling, flaking, chalking and fading
  • Galvalume coated – a patented aluminum-zinc alloy coating that provides a heavy-duty base for primer and pigment coats
  • Top coat is pigmented silicone polyester specifically designed to withstand the effects of sun, wind, rain, heat and cold

Our pole barn packages also include all the metal trims and accessories needed to complete the building. The fasteners used for the pole building roofing and siding are color-matched powder coated screws. These screws self-tap through the metal (no need to pre-drill), and also have a neoprene washer to correctly seal the metal.

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Types of Metal Barn Siding

Multi Purpose Panel

Our best seller the MP Panel is an economical yet durable solution for residential, industrial and commercial structures. 29 gauge only.

Grandrib 3

Premium GrandRib 3 panels are the same profile as the MP Panel with a longer waranty on the finish. Available in 29 gauge and 26 gauge metal panels.

Mighti-Rib R-Panel

Mighti-Rib is a strong 26 gauge steel panel. A wide variety of colors make it the durable choice for your roofing and siding needs.

5V Crimp Panel

5V Crimp panels unique architectural lines are a simple solution for your light commercial or residential project.

GrandBeam Panel

GrandBeam panels closely resemble wood-shiplap siding when installed horizontally as metal siding. This strong 26 gauge panel is available in a variety of colors.

2 1/2″ Corrugated

2 1/2″ Corrugated is the perfect metal panel for your barn and other agricultural needs. Many architects also specify this panel as a commercial accent metal panel.

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Woodgrain embossed Bayside Metal Siding – available in the Pacific Northwest only

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