Metal Buildings Nc

Metal Buildings Nc

Metal Buildings Nc – Although garages are standard on many homes these days, there are still many homeowners who do not have an attached garage or a freestanding garage that came with their property when they first purchased it.

At the same time, there are also many homeowners who have storage needs that far exceed whatever their existing garage can provide them. If you fall into either category and need a garage in North Carolina, then you have definitely come to the right place.

We have the best selection and pricing on metal garages in NC so that you can get the right, affordable metal garage for all your storage needs.

Over 100 years later, North Carolina still pursues innovations in flight. The state boasts over 180 aerospace, aviation, and defense companies.

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In 1902, the Orville and Wilbur Wright constructed a wooden building for their experimental glider in North Carolina. Returning from a trip a few months later, they found the hangar badly damaged by a storm and had to rebuild.

Most corporate and private fliers today choose prefabricated Carolina metal buildings like RHINO for their steel aircraft hangars and aviation buildings. The strength of steel allows unobstructed space for easy maneuverability of aircraft. Metal buildings in North Carolina provide maximum protection for aircraft assets.

You may not know that by constructing a metal building, you can potentially save half on your budget and timeline when compared to conventional construction. What’s more, metal buildings provide outstanding durability, excellent insulating opportunities and infinite facade options.

With 30 years in the steel structure industry, Metal Building Outlet offers extensive experience and solidified connections with the best building manufacturers nationwide.

This ensures that we supply you with the most complete steel building systems available in North Carolina. Our dealers can also work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion, to ensure your project is successful.

Steel garages in North Carolina from Alan’s Factory Outlet are built in many different sizes and styles, including 1-car garages, 2-car garages, and metal 3-car garages in NC. So, whether you own one vehicle or several, you should be able to find the space you need in one of our metal garages. North Carolina residents, in fact, have trusted us for years to help them with their garage storage needs both big and small.

The steel garages in North Carolina are built with 14-GA tubing and 29-GA sheeting. An optional thicker 12-GA tubing is available, which has a 20-year rust-through warranty. Consequently, when they order one of our metal garages, NC buyers can be sure that they are getting buildings that will last.

All of our metal garages in NC are anchored to the ground for free with rebar or to your concrete pad with concrete anchor bolts. Mobile home anchors are also available for those who prefer that anchoring option for their metal garages.

North Carolina residents should choose the anchoring method that is best for them based on the likelihood that they will suffer strong winds from hurricanes or other inclement weather.

Furthermore, our steel buildings come with center braces. A garage that is fully braced with braces on both sides of the garage is another option. In both cases, you get the most secure metal garages.

NC residents can therefore trust our construction of these garages and our dedication to make sure that they don’t fly away.



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