Metal Furniture Legs

Metal Furniture Legs

Metal Furniture Legs – Metal Furniture Legs offer a stylish alternative on modern furniture or offer a modern twist to traditional sofas and chairs.

These high quality furniture legs are ideal for, chairs, wardrobes, cupboards, coffee tables and other furniture. Manufactured in a range of finishes to suit your furniture.

Have you been shopping around for the perfect table, to no avail? What if I told you that you might get exactly what you want by making it yourself?

Thanks to dozens of manufacturers and designers who understand consumers like you and me, you can shop around and buy the perfect set of legs to anchor your dream table, whether it’s a coffee table, dining table, side table, or even outdoor patio set.

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Start by finding a great tabletop to suit your needs. Get creative and upcycle an old door into a dining room table, put new legs on your existing tabletop, or tap into your love of woodworking and transform some raw wood into something built exactly to your specifications.

Each manufacturer can give you more information about how the legs you purchase need to attach, but it’s often as easy as using simple hardware to attach the leg to the underside of the tabletop.

Floyd Legs

At the top of the list as one of my longtime favorites, Floyd Legs can make a table out of anything. Available in a variety of lengths, select your tabletop of choice and use the legs to make a bench, a coffee table, or a studly, industrial dining room table. (P.S. Bed legs coming soon! Exciting.)

There’s a lot to admire from these Turkish manufacturers. Choose from 18(!) colors on many of the steel products, and source table legs or a base that will be a seriously cool statement piece in your home. The 28″ Bistro Table is my favorite, but the wide variety of hairpin leg styles will catch your eye too. Check out the etsy page for even more product options.

Pretty Pegs

Very pretty, without a doubt. Pretty Pegs upgrade the feet on your couch, bed, and the legs on your coffee or dining tables. The products help homeowners transform the look of common IKEA furniture, but they can also be applied to any piece you wish to customize or build. I’ve often been drawn to the lovely colors and silhouette of Siri 160, and the new limited edition line of children’s furniture legs with clowns would be a great accent in a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Van Dyke’s Restorers

Looking for solid hardwood pedestal bases and ornately turned legs? Here’s a good go-to. Whether you’re restoring a special find, or trying to build a table to suit a specific home type, you’re in luck with products like the Mission Dining Table Pedestal Kit and a classic 29″ turned table leg.
Hairpin Legs

At you’ll find just that, and more. I like a great, steel hairpin leg when it comes to creating DIY tables because they can modernize the look of almost anything – from a raw edge piece of wood, to a traditional, ornately carved existing table you might have inherited. When you’re poking around their site, be sure to check out the tripod stand. It’s inexpensive, available in a variety of heights, and might just be the perfect end table or plant stand.

Adap.Table Legs

Newer to the market, Adap.Table Legs produces Delta Legs and long, lean and leggy Ribbon Legs. The Ribbon legs are designed to look like a gift ribbon wrapping over the top of the table down to the ground. It’s a striking look.

Ferrous Hardware

Ferrous Hardware offers a wide selection of metal leg options, specializing in shorter height products that are perfect for furniture. I’m liking a lot of the options they have for sideboard and buffets, products in the 5-1/4″ to 8-1/4″ range. Dunbar would totally glam up the look of a midcentury cabinet in my dining room.


You’ll find an assortment of hairpin legs at Rockler, but you’ll also find a wide assortment of table building accessories which come in handy if you are building your own piece. From hardware to attach aprons, to drop leaf support, you might just leave feeling like you can build anything.

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