Metal Storage Cabinet

Metal Storage Cabinet

Metal Storage Cabinet – Creating a metal garage storage cabinet from materials is a job to tax all but the most experienced metalworker. However, if you use something like old filing cabinets as the base for your metal garage storage cabinet, the job becomes much more feasible. It still takes a little skill and ingenuity but you can make metal cabinets to sit on the work table or on the floor of your garage.

Step 1 – Empty the Cabinets

To make the skeleton of your metal garage storage cabinets, remove the drawers from your old filing cabinets. You can use as many or as few filing cabinets as you like but they should be in good condition, not rusted or heavily dented. You can find these at stores that sell used office furniture.

You can use different metal garage storage cabinets for different purposes by adapting the interiors in different ways. You can also create a desk and worktop by putting wood or a metal top on the filing cabinets.

Step 2 – Making Use of the Cabinets

You can create cubbyholes within the filing cabinets as long as you have some basic welding skills. You’ll need sheet metal that’s been cut to a size slightly larger than you need in the filing cabinet and the edges should be folded to 90 degrees. With a spot welder, you can weld the metal to the interior of the filing cabinets to make shelves.

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Once these are secure, you need other pieces of sheet metal that will fit vertically and these can be welded into place to create the cubbyholes with the metal garage storage cabinets. It’s something you can attempt with some basic instruction in welding. However, make the lines within the filing cabinet accurate to ensure your shelves and cubbyholes are level.

Step 3 – Cabinet Doors

Having created your cabinets, you need to put doors on them. This not only help to keep things more orderly but it can also keep young hands away from sharp objects so they don’t injure themselves.

One idea is to make a frame of metal and use a pane of glass as the door. The metal will keep it secure and you’ll still be able to see at a glance what is inside each metal garage storage cabinet.

It’s even simpler if you can find a pane of glass that’s already in a frame that fits as this will necessitate less welding. As an alternative, you can simply use a sheet of metal for the door.

Attach it to the filing cabinet with hinges so it will open and close easily. If you’re using sheet metal for the door, you need to be sure that you eliminate all the razor sharp edges and corners since these can prove to be very dangerous.

It is highly likely that you will be using your metal garage storage cabinets for storing expensive tools. To make sure they stay safe and secure, you should install a padlock on the door of your cabinet.

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