Metal Storage Containers Ideas

Metal Storage Containers Ideas

Metal Storage Containers – These heavy duty storage containers will provide secure outdoor storage. They are ideal for storing a range of goods securely outdoors.

All of these storage units are fully lockable and are available in a range of sizes. If you are looking to move one of these containers you may be interested.

A 40ft shipping container | storage container is considered a standard size container. Standard shipping containers | storage containers are 8ft 6″ high on the exterior.

40ft storage containers are very popular and are the most abundant size throughout the world. The container is comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels throughout. It has lockable double doors on one end. It is equipped with 1-1/8″ inch thick marine plywood flooring on the interior.

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Why would we need to put a roof over the container made of steel? He said metal containers are not designed for long term storage! They designed for long haul shipping.

When the container is closed its airtight. Temperatures rise rapidly inside. Goods stored in the container that are exposed to these temperature fluctuations will most likely be damaged, was the reply.

Did you know that most household and personal items that you store will contain moisture ie; linen, towels, clothes, shoes and furniture. Matresses, for example, contain several litres of fluid absorbed from the bodies that slept on it, horrid thought I know!!

Even the air trapped inside a metal container contains water!! Temperature fluctuations cause condensation that eventually drips onto the goods inside.

We decided on a storage container as our farm is a long way out of town. Putting a roofing cover over the top is the only way to be certain that our goods are not damaged by constant exposure to weather.

When considering what type of storage is best for you, I think it is very important to consider the ramifications of temperature. Self storage facilities are built specifically to store household goods in an environment that is not detrimental to the longevity of our goods.

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