Metallic Building Company

Metallic Building Company

Metallic Building Company – Steel buildings provide a quick and relatively affordable way to construct warehouses, garages, workshops, barns, hangars, even churches and homes. Consumers should choose a company with a strong customer service department to help them throughout every phase of the project.

They will also benefit from visiting a building from the same manufacturer of similar size and design. Speak with the building owner or tenant and ask what they like and don’t about the building.

Types of buildings offered

There are several different sizes and styles of steel buildings, but most companies only specialize in building two or three types.

  • Size: Some steel building companies provide a broad range of sizes, from garages and small metal barns to huge warehouses and horse arenas.
  • Function: Many steel building companies focus on structures meant for particular functions, such as multi-bay commercial garages, factories or agricultural buildings.
  • Custom construction: Some steel building companies maintain design staff to tailor their standard offerings for clients with very specific needs.

Customer service

When purchasing a steel building, consumers need assistance during two key phases: first, during specification and purchase, to ensure that what they’re asking for is appropriate to their needs and building site; and second, during and after assembly to correct any deficiencies and resolve misunderstandings. Be clear about how this assistance will be offered before you select your provider.

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  • Online customer service: Some companies have extensive online support systems, such as live chat, email-based customer service and detailed online forms to help customers make their purchasing decisions.
  • Phone-based customer service: Companies that provide phone-based customer service to consumers are often available during business hours to speak with consumers who need help.
  • In-person customer service: Some steel building companies send representatives to help customers who are buying steel buildings; these representatives can survey land, discuss design wants and needs, help unload and construct buildings, communicate with contractors, or help troubleshoot problems after the buildings have been built.

Range of services offered

While steel building companies primarily manufacture steel components, they also offer services beyond supplying the parts for a steel building.​

  • Building components: Many companies simply sell a kit of parts that can be assembled by a contractor retained by the client.
  • Finished structure: Some companies also pair those customers with a contractor certified to construct the building. Be aware, in this case, of who is providing the warranty on the building so you know whom to contact if anything goes wrong.
  • Additional services: Some larger companies offer additional services offered, such as custom design and temporary building rentals.


Some steel building companies have obtained certifications that speak to the quality of their products. Multiple organizations assess companies and grant different types of certification.

  • Metal Building Manufacturers Association: MBMA works with the International Accreditation Services (IAS) to inspect steel buildings for quality assurance.
  • American Institute of Steel Construction: The AISC is a technical institute and trade association that has created guidelines to evaluate every step of the steel building construction process.
  • LEED certification: People concerned with the environment can look for a steel building company that uses LEED-compliant products in their buildings.

Building materials used

There are different types of materials available for the exterior envelope of a steel building.​

  • Heavy-gauge steel: Envelope panels are typically corrugated for flatness and strength, and coated with weather-resistant paint. Make sure that a sealing finish process is part of the construction.
  • Alloy-coated steel: Galvanized or Galvalume is electrically coated steel that offers a longer life in coastal locations where there’s corrosive salt in the air.
  • Recycled content steel: Steel made from recycled content is often made up of 80 percent recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option.

Engineering capabilities

Manufacturers vary from one another in the technical abilities of their design and manufacturing staffs. Some use consulting engineers to design a series of components, while others maintain an engineering staff to verify specifications and offer custom designs.​

  • Limited prefabricated designs: Some companies simply sell a limited selection of steel building designs for very standardized needs, such as sheds, barns and storage units.
  • Customer-submitted designs: There are fabricators that can accept designs from clients, verify the engineering specification and manufacture the components for assembly by a contractor hired by the client.
  • Complete custom design: Some steel building companies have the capabilities to design, manufacture and, in some cases, construct the facility in a turnkey process called design-build.

Every project is unique. That is why we encourage you to call, so we can find out more about your specific project, what the challenges are, and what questions you have. Once we’ve established your specific needs, we will find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. Whether it’s a pre-engineered metal building, a metal roof, or even steel siding, we can help.

No matter your project’s size or scope we will work with you one-on-one to assess and implement a complete metal building solution. Whether we’re repairing a roof or constructing a complex new metal building, at Metal Building Company our experience and attention to detail guarantee a high-quality solution at the best value.

We are a full service general contractor and our services include planning assistance and installation of new metal buildings as well as additions, improvements and renovations to existing metal buildings.

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