Pros and Cons of Metal Building Homes

Pros and Cons of Metal Building Homes

When building a house from scratch is not an option, metal building homes can be your choice. These prefab homes are more cost-effective, and they come in various sizes and types.

Even if you are not a builder, you may be able to build a small metal cabin yourself, as long as you have construction skills. You can have a house, barn, or other space types in a breeze.

However, metal home is not as easy as it sounds.

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Pros and Cons of Metal Building Homes

There are various things you need to know before actually building one, such as the pros and cons, affordability, insurance, zoning permit, resistance against elements, and much more.

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Don’t let your wish for practicality and efficient cost make you suffer in the future!

Pros of Metal Building Homes

  • Durable and strong
    Metal is definitely a tough material compared to wood, for example. Metal stands not only against rain and strong wind, but also more unique elements such as sandstorm, tornado, and acid rain.
    Metal home is easy to split into spaces for several purposes. If you plan to combine an office with the residential building, for example, dividing the area is relatively easy.
    Also, if you periodically remodel your house, a metal house is easier to work on, because the structure load leans to external walls.
  • Fire-resistant
    Fire hazard is one of the top risk factors that can increase your insurance cost. On the contrary, metal is non-combustible, meaning that its risk to catch fire is smaller, and metal home is a great way to reduce insurance cost.
  • Easy to maintain
    Metal home is relatively low-maintenance compared to other types of building. If you plan a future investment by saving on maintenance cost, this is a great option.

Cons of Metal Building Homes

  • Difficult approval process
    If you live in the US, you will probably find it hard to obtain approval from Homeowner Association or other institutions, because of the unique nature of the building.
    Other areas or countries may also have their own rules that are more difficult than if you buy/build a regular house.
  • Extra spending
    Since metal homes are prefabricated, your exterior will look like metal sheets. If you do not like such exterior, you need additional spending to remodel it.
  • Difficult to expand
    Sometimes, homeowners want to add the square footage of their houses. It is a difficult thing to do if you have a prefab metal home.
  • Hard to design based on local conditions
    Often, the choice of a house depends on local conditions, such as weather, climate, and terrain. A prefab metal home is not precisely adaptable, so you must consider all aspects in the local area before buying one.

While there are several cons related to metal homes, they are not the same for each person. Make sure you list all the pros and cons based on your own condition before deciding to buy a metal home!