Tarheel Metal Buildings

Tarheel Metal Buildings

Tarheel Metal Buildings – It is our mission to deliver the highest possible service and products to our customers all while upholding our employees to their full potential.

I’d like to first thank you for giving us the opportunity to try and earn your business. Here at Tarheel Metal Structures Inc. customer service is our top priority.

Although our name is fairly new to the building market, our hands-on experience is built with many years of building these structures. The owner of our company started out as an installer of these buildings for nearly 10 years.

After working in all aspects of the company for 3 years he was blessed with the opportunity to buy the assets of a company to open his own. Here in the office we have been in customer service areas nearly all of our working careers.

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Tarheel Metal Buildings Reviews

“Back on 10/26/2016, we contracted Tarheel Metal Structures to build us a 24/25/8 metal garage.

We paid our deposit of 425.00, and Tarheel came out about two weeks later to put the slab down. We paid them a total of 2774.00, 500.00 dollars over the agreed amount, and Tarheel workers put the slab down for us, but they put it too close to the house.

Tarheel is saying now, it was our fault, so they will not come out again and finish, unless we pay them more money. The people they sent out were young kids, and I can believe that they were inexperienced.

Each time we call them, when they miss the appointments, they said that their worker are inexperienced, and the crew they sent don’t know how to erect the building, so we have to pay extra.

Finally after waiting forever, they gave us a time that they would come out, because the garage was contracted to be up before Christmas. We had doctors appointments so we told them they had to do it another day, and they said it was the only day they could do it.

We scheduled them to come before we left home, but they didn’t show up. They said leave the money and they would put up the building. We had used them before without any problems, but we didn’t leave home or money at that time, that’s the only reason we used them.

They brought some materials out for the garage, and threw it on the ground beside by house and said to us that they couldn’t put the garage up because they had to fine an experienced crew, but it was our fault for telling them where we wanted the garage to be built.

We have the paperwork as to how we agreed for them to assembled the garage, but the crew said that they hadn’t seen the paperwork, but that’s our fault too.

They said the only way they will come out now is that we pay them more money for the mistake that was made. They will not refund our money so we can get someone else to put up the garage, or will they come out and finish the job.

We paid Tarheel a total of $8933.00, and the material is laying on the ground beside our house. Every time we call and ask why haven’t they come out, Jessica accuses us of lying and being rude to them.

But I went online to check them out, and I found out that, thats the way they do business. We didn’t have that problem with them before. I refused to be accused of their shady dealings.”


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